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Service guarantee
Service guarantee

The capacity of supplying guarantee:
ICAN Research and Development Department is in Yancheng city of Jiangsu province. We deliver solution services based on ICAN tenet “Science and Technology oriented, durative innovation; Customer focused, continuous improving”.
The comprehensive productivity of ICAN is 300 ton/month, and FPC ink is 90 ton/month included.
The preparation period of conventional raw materials is 7days, and for unconventional materials is 14 days.
Present saturation of gross production is 30%.
Regular delivery lead time for conventional samples is 2 days after request, and 5 days for special color-matched samples.
Regular delivery lead time of mass production is 7 days after place order, and 3 days for expedited order.

Delivery and coordination:
We provide 24 hours delivery services to fulfill our clients demand.
We have a tracking system for each shipment. With batch numbers, it can access to the information about production date, inspection data, suppliers, product behavior in service, storage rate, etc.
Our main shipping method is express distribution with special-assigned people responsible for tracking and obtaining delivery status.
Home delivery service is also provided if necessary.